Reidolized (The Soundtrack to The Crimson Idol)

1.“The Titanic Overture”3:31
2.“The Invisible Boy”4:18
3.“Arena of Pleasure”6:05
4.“Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)”7:44
5.“The Gypsy Meets the Boy”4:14
6.“Michael’s Song”1:52
7.“Miss You” (alternate version)8:07
8.“Doctor Rockter”4:02
9.“I Am One”6:28
10.“The Idol”6:44
11.“Hold On to My Heart”4:14
12.“Hey Mama”1:41
13.“The Lost Boy”4:37
14.“The Peace”5:59
15.“Show Time”1:11
16.“The Great Misconceptions of Me”9:59

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W.A.S.P. Band

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