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John O’callaghan

The Doppler Effect ft. Carol Lee, Constellation ( John O’ Callaghan Remix), The Sun, Perfect Blue, Super Nature ( Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix), Whatever Happens In Puzzle Piece ( John O’ Callaghan Mashup), Falcons ( John O’ Callaghan Remix), Changing Ways, Sincerely J O R S, Lunatic Asylum, Surrender ( Sneijder vs. John O’ Callaghan Remix), Rosary ( Heatbeat Original Mix), Games ( S T A N D E R W I C K Remix), Beautiful Repercussion ( Will Atkinson Edit), On The Run, Stay With Me, Rush ( John O’ Callaghan Remix), On Fire ( Aly & Fila Remix), Big Sky ( Agnelli & Nelson Remix)

Blues Rock Guitar


Coridian was Formed in 2015 from Auckland, New Zealand. Line Up Mike Raven (guitar), Kris Raven (drums), Nick Raven (bass), Dity Maharaj (vocals) Albums Eldur 2020 Oceanic 2015 Caldera 2017 Blind Faith 2016 Reflections 2017 Better Off 2018 Rite of Passage 2019 The Witness 2020 Good, For Nothing 2020 Wicked Game 2021 Endless War 2021 Rakshasa 2022 State of Mind 2022

Rosa de Hiroshima 1945

Secos E Molhados – Rosa De Hiroshima

Rosa de Hiroshima – Secos e Molhados Live on Maracanazinho – 1974 A short poem describing the sadness of war Think of the children, mute, telepathic Think of the girls, blind, confused Think of the women, ripped altered Think of the wounds, like warm roses But oh don’t forget the rose, the […]

Daria Zarítskaya

Daria Zarítskaya

Daria Zaritskaya is an immensely talented singer from Ukraine. She has been a huge fan of heavy metal music from childhood. You Tube Channel Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save

Chitãozinho e Xororó

Chitãozinho E Xororó

Chitãozinho & Xororó are a Brazilian sertanejo duo. Chitãozinho is the stage name of José Lima Sobrinho and Xororó of Durval de Lima. Their music, which combines traditional Brazilian caipira with pop, was instrumental in establishing the sertanejo genre. They have sold over 30 million albums since their first album was released in 1970. From Wikipedia Share It Twitter Share […]

Chrystian e Ralf

Chrystian E Ralf

Chrystian & Ralf is a Brazilian hinterland duo, from the state of Goiás, formed by the brothers José Pereira da Silva Neto ( Goiânia, November 3, 1956), Chrystian and Ralf Richardson da Silva ( Goiânia, June 15, 1961), Ralf. The duo is famous for the high pitched sound of their songs, and is recognized as […]

Mato Grosso e Mathias

Mato Grosso E Mathias

Matogrosso & Mathias is a backwoods duo from Brazil, originally from 1966. The backwoods duo Matogrosso & Mathias originally began their journey with João Batista Bernardo. Matogrosso, From Vista Alegre do Alto (born in 25 November 1950). The nickname is due to the fact that he lived in Cáceres ( Mato Grosso) for […]

João Mineiro e Marciano

João Mineiro E Marciano

João Mineiro e Marciano was a Brazilian country duo formed by João Sant’ Ângelo, João Mineiro ( Andradas, August 23, 1937 – Jundiaí, March 24, 2012) and José Marciano, Marciano ( Bauru, April 1, 1951 – São Caetano do Sul, January 18, 2019). They were successful in the 80s, having a program on T V, […]



Jinjer is a Ukrainian heavy metal band & metalcore from Donetsk, Ukraine. Jinjer was originally formed in 2009 by Maksym Fatullaiev (vocals), Dmitriy Oksen (rhythm guitar), and Vyacheslav Okhrimenko (drums). However, the band considers 2010 as its official year of formation when Tatiana Shmailyuk replaced Fatullaiev on vocals and Roman Ibramkhalilov was […]

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