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Jinjer Live at Resurrection Fest

Jinjer Live At Resurrection Fest

Jinjer at Live at Resurrection Fest E G 2018 Viveiro, Spain J I N J E R Playlist Resurrection Fest is a rock music festival that takes place in  Viveiro, region of Lugo, Spain. This festival has been held annually since 2006 during July or early August and features mainly heavy metal, hardcore punk and punk rock bands.

Imminence &; Ghost [Official Video]

Imminence – Ghost

Official music video of Imminence performing ‘ Ghost’. From Sweden with love Support the band Facebook Instagram @imminenceswe Twitter @imminenceswe Video by Tre Film. Mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd. Lyrics by Eddie Berg. There’s a darkness in the distance It’s like the calm before the storm Dark clouds stalk my every move I can’t see the light from above Can’t see the forest for the trees I can’t break free This is my soul, my soul Can you […]

Within Temptation &; All I Need (Music Video)

Within Temptation – All I Need

Music video by Within Temptation performing ‘ All I Need’, from their fourth studio album ‘ The Heart Of Everything’ (2007). Listen to all essential Within Temptation songs Stay up to date on Within Temptation news Facebook Twitter Instagram Grab your favorite Within Temptation merchandise For more information and upcoming tour dates Within Temptation – ‘ All I Need’ Lyrics I’m dying to catch my breath Oh why don’t I ever learn? I’ve lost all my trust, […]

Black Road &; Witch of the Future (2019 full album)

Black Road – Witch Of The Future

Full stream of “ Witch of the Future” put together with visualizers by Suzi Uzi. Music & More Tracklist 1. Purgatory (00 01 3 07) 2. Radiation (3 08 10 43) 3. Witch of the Future (10 44 21 16) 4. Torches (21 17 26 17) 5. Blood on the Blade (26 18 29 07) 6. Hash King (29 08 36 22) 7. End of Man (36 23 41 32) A B O U T T H I S A L B U M Black Road began its journey in 2015 with an uncertain identity. Trying to nail down solid band members and find common ground took some time. Upon […]

Witchcraft · Legend

Witchcraft · Legend

Witchcraft · Legend Nuclear Blast Magnus Pelander Vocals and guitar Simon Solomon Lead guitar & backing vocals Tom Jondelius Lead guitar Oscar Johansson Drums Ola Henriksson Bass 1. Deconstruction 2. Flag Of Fate 3. It’s Not Because Of You 4. An Alternative To Freedom 5. Ghosts House 6. White Light Suicide 7. Democracy 8. Dystopia 9. Dead End 10. By Your Definition


Beast In Black – Blind And Frozen

Official music video for ‘ Blind And Frozen’ from B E A S T I N B L A C K’s debut album ‘ B E R S E R K E R’ ➞ Order ‘ B E R S E R K E R’ ➞ Merchandise store Subscribe to B E A S T I N B L A C K You Tube channel Follow B E A S T I N B L A C K ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ ► Spotify ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Bandcamp ► Website Written & Directed by Ville Lipiäinen Production design & Special effects Katri Ilona Koppanen D O P Valtteri Piira Gaffer Henri Jaaksola Production assistant Netta Kervinen Actress Amanda Casanen […]

AC/DC &; Bad Boy Boogie (Live from Rock Goes To College)

Ac/dc – Bad Boy Boogie

Watch A C/ D C perform “ Bad Boy Boogie” live from Rock Goes To College ( University of Essex, Colchester) Listen to A C/ D C Subscribe to the official A C/ D C You Tube channel Watch more A C/ D C videos Follow A C/ D C Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Spotify You Tube Chorus I said, “right” And they said, “left” I said, “east” And they said, “west” I said, “up” And they said, “down” I do the bad boy boogie All over town # A C D C # Bad Boy Boogie […]

The Erinyes &; &;Betrayed” &; Official Music Video | @Elyose Official @Mizuho Lin @Nicoletta Rosellini

The Erinyes – “betrayed” – Official Music Video | @elyose Official @mizuho Lin @nicoletta Rosellini

From the album “ The Erinyes”. Stream or purchase a physical copy H E R E | Watch the music video for ‘ Drown The Flame’ H E R E | Subscribe To Frontiers Music Srl Video by Samuele Valle & Truck Me Hard The Erinyes Facebook Instagram Justine Daaé Mizuho Lin Nicoletta Rosellini Line up Justine Daaé – Vocals Nicoletta Rosellini Vocals Mizuho Lin Vocals Aldo Lonobile – Guitars Andrea Buratto – Bass Michele Sanna – Drums […]

The Beatles &; Come Together (cover by Sershen&Zaritskaya)

The Beatles – Come Together

B O O K I N G fekolinden@gmail.Com +380674422986 S U P P O R T U S O N P A T R E O N ———————————————————————— Follow us on social media ———————————————————————— Instagram ​ ​ Facebook ​ ​ ​ ?​​… Vocals Daria Zaritskaya Guitars Sergey Sershen Bass Alex Shturmak Drums Dmitry Kim Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sershen Music Studio (​​, ​​) by Sergey Sershen # Classic Rock #60s​ # Hard Rock