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SINHERESY &; Out of Connection (Official Video)

Sinheresy – Out Of Connection

Preorders ‘ Out Of Connection’ is the title track of Sinheresy’s new album, out on July 26th on Scarlet Records. www.Scarletrecords.It Sin Heres Y are Cecilia Petrini – Vocals Stefano Sain – Vocals Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars Davide Sportiello – Bass & Keyboards Published by B L M U S I C S A S Mixed & Mastered by Jacob Hansen W A T C H M Y O N L Y F A I T H W A T C H P A I N T T H E W O R L D written and directed by Simone Vrech cast Marta Venica – Andrea Lei special extra Margot Lunetta filmed by Simone Vrech […]

Kai Hansen &;Contract Song” (Live at Wacken) &; Album &;XXX &; Thank You Wacken” OUT NOW!

Kai Hansen “contract Song” – Album “xxx – Thank You Wacken” Out Now!

“ Thank You Wacken” is available now! i Tunes C D+ D V D L P Blu ray+ C D Filmed & recorded on a muddy vibrant summer evening at the Wacken Open Air Festival, ‘ Thank You Wacken’ is a unique snapshot in time as this was the first and only performance of Kai Hansen’s band, with whom he recorded and co wrote his 2016 solo debut “ X X X – Three Decades In Metal”. He was joined on stage by Alex Dietz on bass ( Heaven Shall Burn), Eike […]

Saxon Lionheart

Saxon – Lionheart – Track List

Lionheart is the sixteenth studio album by heavy metal band  Saxon released in 2004. It is the only studio album featuring drummer Jörg Michael. The title is inspired from  Richard the Lionheart, a 12th century  King of England. “ Beyond the Grave” was released as a single and a video. Track list All tracks are written by  Saxon. No. Title Length 1. “ Witchfinder General” 4 49 2. “ Man and Machine” 3 28 3. “ The Return” 1 18 4. “ Lionheart” 6 04 5. “ Beyond the Grave” 4 55 6. “ Justice” 4 26 7. “ To Live by the Sword” […]

W.A.S.P.  Miss You promo

W.A.S.P. Miss You Promo

Defunct channel for Punk Rock writer, musician and film maker, Stuart Newman’s past projects – plus some random bootleg stuff. Thanks for viewing. Please subscribe and select ‘notify’ to be sure not to miss any future updates.


Seas On The Moon – Prey

Spotify – Apple Music – Bandcamp – Collision Illusion album physical C D – V O C A L S Eissa Morphide D R U M S Eugene Voluta G U I T A R S Valentin Voluta B A S S Valentin Voluta S Y N T H S Valentin Voluta A D D I T I O N A L S Y N T H S Constantin Dushku B A C K I N G V O C A L S Vitaly Machunsky V I D E O E D I T I N G Sorin Mutelica Guitars and bass reamping – Michael Richards

The Devil’s Daughters w/ Danny B Harvey &; Rock Boppin’ Baby (Sexy)

The Devil’s Daughters W/ Danny B Harvey – Rock Boppin’ Baby

L I M I T E D N U M B E R of Vinyl D E V I L’ S D A U G H T E R S Albums available on e Bay R E D V I N Y L B L K V I N Y L Or from bandcamp P L E A S E S U B S C R I B E T O T H I S C H A N N E L T H A N K Y O U ! The Devils Daughters, Mysti Moon (“ The Brunette”) & Annie Marie Lewis (“ The Blonde”, along with Danny B. Harvey (guitar), Pierre Pelegrin (bass) & Paul Vezelis (drums) live on the T V show ” U P L A T E A U S T I N” with host Jake. Download The D E V I L’ S D A U G H T E R S S T U D I O A L B U M or buy the V I N Y L or C D here […]

In This Moment &; &;Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

In This Moment – “black Wedding Feat. Rob Halford”

In This Moment “ Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford” official video off the album ‘ Ritual’, available now on Roadrunner Records/ Atlantic Records. Get it now www.Inthismomentofficial.Com Priest are you there can you hear my voice Do you hear my prayers are you out there Forgive me priest for I have sinned I know not what I do Mother I am here I can hear your song I can feel your fear H E’ S done you wrong Temptation fed H I S own desires in T H E […]

W.A.S.P. Dying for the World

W.A.S.P. Dying For The World – Black Bone Torso

W. A. S. P. Black Bone Torso [gtranslate] Black bone torso, black bone torso Cyanide a suicide No thoughts of pain Genocide a crucified martyr’s laid Down to the dust there to fade away All geeks and circus freaks Come play with me Pimps to bring my sex fiends Molesting me Round to the lust my debauchery Destined here to reign supreme Your bloodied king Dying for the world Oh death where is thy sting My black bone torso’s Bleeding me Album Dying for the World

CELTICA &; Pipes Rock: Megawatt (Official Video)

Celtica – Pipes Rock: Megawatt

Megawatt performed by C E L T I C A – Pipes rock during the Wild Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention at Old Tucson Studios in spring 2017. Thanks to all the creative, awesome Steampunk people who made the video a colorful extravagaza. “ Megawatt” is released on the album “ Steamphonia”, available directly at the band´s web shop ; Please give a “ Like” and write a command we would love to hear your opinion! 🙂