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Kamelot &; March of Mephisto (Uncensored Version)

Kamelot – March Of Mephisto

Uncensored video for the song “ March of Mephisto” from the album “ The Black Halo”. Censored due to M T V/ U S A add to the end url for high version &fmt=18 www.Kamelot.Com www.Myspace.Com/kamelot Kamelot is one the world’s premiere metal bands. —————————— —————————— —————————— –

Uriah Heep - Return to Fantasy - Vinil Cover

Uriah Heep Lyrics – Your Turn To Remember

Your Turn To Remember [gtranslate] I was always the one who did the thinkin’ It was me, I’m sorry I, who made the plans There was never a thought we might do somethin’ between us And it’s so clear I think I’m beginning to understand I was the one who had to lay it out and pay it out I would work all night even though I wanted to play out and stay out Now it’s your turn to remember […]

Arch Enemy &; Deceiver, Deceiver (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Arch Enemy – Deceiver, Deceiver

New single “ Deceiver, Deceiver” out everywhere! Stream/ Purchase here Music Michael Amott, Daniel Erlandsson Lyrics Michael Amott Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios Vocal/drum recording/production Jacob Hansen Co produced by Michael Amott and Daniel Erlandsson Directed by Patric Ullaeus | r Evolver crew Jesper Olsson Tara Linn Tobbe Olsson Robert Sulan Pettersson Jesper Sirenius Patrick Steel ► Lyrics ◄ “ Deceiver, Deceiver” Secrets whispered through a veil of lies When did I become this person you despise? Opened my […]

BLACK MIRRORS &; Funky Queen (Official Video)

Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

Order the new E P “ Funky Queen” here i Tunes Out March 3rd If Janis Joplin, Jack White, Anouk, Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age ever had the chance to breed, this band would have been their favourite creation Belgium’s answer to pretty much every Rock band out there, B L A C K M I R R O R S, manage to gather an endless amount of influences which have been ruling the Rock N’ Roll universe for decades. This one’s a keeper, and with good cause B L A C K […]

Rival Sons &; Sugar On The Bone (Official Video)

Rival Sons – Sugar On The Bone

Rival Son’s official video for their track ‘ Sugar On The Bone’. Available now on Low Country Sound / Atlantic Records. Download / Stream Feral Roots here Filmed and Edited by Patrik Skoglöw www.Skoglowphoto.Se Catch us on tour this summer. Get all dates and tickets at Connect with Rival Sons Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Whitesnake &; Too Many Tears (HD Video Edit) &; Restless Heart 2021 (Official Music Video)

Whitesnake – Too Many Tears – Restless Heart 2021

R E S T L E S S H E A R T S U P E R D E L U X E E D I T I O N will be available on October 29, 2021 and is available for pre order now. You’re watching the official music video for Whitesnake – “ Too Many Tears” from the album “ Restless Heart” (25th Anniversary Edition – 2021) — Change your You Tube playback settings for up to 1080p H D resolution. The 4 C D/ D V D collection features newly remastered and remixed versions of the original album, along with unreleased demos and studio outtakes. The D V D includes music videos and a […]


Scorpion Child – Polygon Of Eyes

S C O R P I O N C H I L D official music video for “ Polygon of Eyes.” Buy the album . Subscribe to Nuclear Blast You Tube Subscribe to Scorpion Child You Tube O R D E R A L B U M A T Nuclear Blast i Tunes Amazon ( C D) Amazon ( V I N Y L) Scorpion Child’s self titled full length debut album is out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Like Follow Watch Photos


Dimmu Borgir – Gateways

Forces of the Northern Night – Double D V D available at . S U B S C R I B E to Dimmu Borgir / S U B S C R I B E to Nuclear Blast You Tube O R D E R A T Nuclear Blast i Tunes Amazon Digital Google Play 2017 marks the year of the great return of Norwegian symphonic black metal giants, D I M M U B O R G I R. The band’s highly anticipated double D V D, Forces Of The Northern Night, is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Available in different formats, the release will contain two live rituals Their legendary […]

Laura Cox live | Rockpalast | 2020

Laura Cox Live | Rockpalast | 2020

Setlist | Laura Cox Live | Rockpalast | 2020 Hard Blues Shot 00 00 00 Bad Luck Blues 00 05 00 Too Nice For Rock ‘ N’ Roll 00 09 10 Take Me Back Home 00 13 24 Last Breakdown 00 17 35 Looking Upside Down 00 21 52 River 00 26 23 Barefoot In The Countryside 00 33 47 Fire Fire 00 40 19 Guitar Solo Mathieu 00 47 44 The Australian Way 00 52 33 As I Am 00 56 38 Dum Solo Antonin 01 01 24 Heartbreaker 01 04 38 If You Wanna Get Loud – Come To The Show 01 09 07 Freaking Out Loud 01 12 35 —– […]