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Abominog is the 14th studio album by British rock band  Uriah Heep, released in March 1982 by  Bronze Records in the United Kingdom, and in September 1982 by  Mercury Records in the United States. It was their first album without keyboardist  Ken Hensley. The album was critically acclaimed and fairly commercially successful, due in part to the band retooling and updating […]

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Your turn to Remember – Collection Firefly is the 10th studio album by  British rock band  Uriah Heep, released in February 1977 by  Bronze Records in the U K and  Warner Bros. Records in the U S. It was their first album without lead vocalist and founding member  David Byron, and the first of three albums with new singer  John Lawton, formerly of  Les Humphries […]

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The best of hits collection Look at Yourself is the third studio album by British rock band  Uriah Heep, released in September 1971 by  Bronze Records in the U K and  Mercury Records in the U S. Outsider is the 24th studio album by  Uriah Heep. It was released in Europe in June 2014 by  Frontiers Records. It was produced by  Mike Paxman and it is the […]

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Totally Driven is a greatest hits album by British hard rock band  Uriah Heep, released on 12 November 2015 on their own label, Uriah Heep Records. The album contains re recorded versions of 27 of their best known songs, recorded with the long standing 1986 2007 lineup. Raging Silence is the 17th album by British Rock group  Uriah Heep. It marked the studio […]

Walk in Darkness

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Walk Darkness Playlist Walk in Darkness is a mysterious gothic metal band that combines the dark melancholy of  the gothic genre with aggressive metal and melodic metal. The lyrics are generally melodramatic, sombre, and inspired from epic themes. Members Nicoletta Rosellini  Vocals, Flaming Jack   Guitars, Shaman  Guitars, Monk Key  Bass, Arcanus Drums, Tio Frank  Keyboards. Share It Twitter […]

Saxon Crusader

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Saxon The Eagle Has Landed, Saxon Thunderbolt, Saxon Battering Ram, Saxon Sacrifice, Saxon Call to Arms, Saxon Into the Labyrinth, Saxon Unleash The Beast, Saxon The Inner Sanctum, Saxon Lionheart, Saxon Forever Free, Saxon Killing Ground, Saxon Metal Head, Saxon Solid Ball of Rock, Saxon Destiny, Saxon Dogs of War … Share […]

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