A Way to the Stars


Sun’s going down and like tiny dewdrops
Daylight fades
Memories slip away, like clouds in the sky
Towards the horizon
We are moored like boats, floating and waiting
Rain after rain

We never hear it coming
The silent cold winter
Taking away the flowers from our gardens
We never see him pass
The aged blind man
Who touches our hearts turning them into stone

We look for a chance
In the cycle of seasons
We look for a chance
In the visions of dreamers
We look for a chance
In the cycle of season
We’ll find a way in deep space
Between the stars
We’ll find a way over the clouds
Hiding the stars

There is a place in our soul
Where time can’t reach us
Where sorrow can’t enter where nothing
Can’t affect us
Where the songs of birds are like a river
Flowing to infinity

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Nix Nixin
Author: Nix Nixin