Beyond The Black

Beyond the Black is a German symphonic metal band formed in 2010. The band’s music features heavy metal and symphonic elements, and the band’s lyrics often deal with themes of love, loss, and empowerment. The band’s lineup consists of Jennifer Haben (vocals), Nils Lesser (guitar), Christopher Hummels (guitar), Tobias Derer (bass), and Michael Hauser (drums). The band has released several studio albums and has toured internationally. Some of their most popular songs include “Lost in Forever,” “Heart of the Hurricane,” and “Songs of Love and Death.”

Johanna Sadonis

Johanna Sadonis is the vocalist and leader of the German heavy metal band Lucifer. The band was formed in 2014 and has released two studio albums, “Lucifer I” (2015) and “Lucifer II” (2018). The band’s music is influenced by classic rock and heavy metal, and Sadonis’ powerful vocals have been praised by critics. Lucifer has toured internationally and has gained a devoted fan base.


Orchid is a heavy metal band from San Francisco, California, formed in 2010. The band’s music is influenced by classic rock and doom metal, and features a mix of aggressive riffs and melodic vocals. Orchid’s lineup consists of Theo Mindell (vocals, guitar), Mark Thomas Baker (guitar), Keith Nickel (bass), and Carter Kennedy (drums). The band has released three studio albums: “Capricorn” (2011), “The Mouths of Madness” (2013), and “Sign of the Witch” (2016). Orchid is known for their energetic live performances and has toured extensively in the US and Europe.


Slayer is an American thrash metal band formed in 1981 in Huntington Park, California. The band is considered one of the pioneers of thrash metal, and is known for its fast-paced, aggressive style of music and controversial lyrics. The band’s lineup has included several influential musicians, including guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, drummer Dave Lombardo, and vocalist/bassist Tom Araya. Slayer has released 12 studio albums, and their music has been featured in numerous films, video games, and television shows. The band has a devoted fan base and has toured internationally throughout its career.


Semblant is a Brazilian heavy metal band formed in 2005. The band’s music is a mix of heavy metal, gothic metal, and symphonic metal, and features powerful vocals, aggressive guitar riffs, and complex melodies.. The band has released four studio albums: “Obscura” (2008), “Moonlight” (2011), “Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight” (2013), and “Sirens” (2017). Semblant has toured internationally and has a dedicated fan base in South America and beyond.

Laura Cox

Laura Cox is a French blues rock guitarist and singer. She is known for her energetic live performances and powerful guitar playing. Cox began her career as a session musician before forming her own band, Laura Cox Band, in 2014. The band has released three studio albums: “Hard Blues Shot” (2015), “Burning Bright” (2017), and “Songs from the Road” (2019). Cox has toured extensively in Europe and has played at major music festivals such as Hellfest and Download Festival. In addition to her work with her band, Cox has also released several solo singles and music videos.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a British rock band formed in Brighton in 2013. The band consists of Mike Kerr (vocals, bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums). Royal Blood’s music is a mix of blues rock, garage rock, and alternative rock, and the band is known for its heavy, bass-driven sound and energetic live performances. The band’s debut album, “Royal Blood,” was released in 2014 and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. The band’s second album, “How Did We Get So Dark?,” was released in 2017 and also reached number one on the chart. Royal Blood has toured internationally and has played at major music festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds.

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Author: Loren