Saxon – Call to Arms Playlist

Saxon – Call to Arms

Call To Arms is the nineteenth studio album by British heavy metal band Saxon. Call to Arms was released 3 June in Europe; 6 June in Denmark, Finland, and the UK; 8 June in Greece and Poland; 10 June in France. Previously, it was due to be released on 23 May 2011 The album was released on 27 September in North America by EMI.

Track list

1.“Hammer of the Gods”4:23
2.“Back in 79”3:28
3.“Surviving Against the Odds”2:59
4.“Mists of Avalon”5:02
5.“Call to Arms”4:28
6.“Chasing the Bullet”4:14
8.“When Doomsday Comes”
(Hybrid Theory soundtrack)
9.“No Rest for the Wicked”3:09
10.“Ballad of the Working Man”3:48
11.“Call to Arms” (Orchestral Version)4:28

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