Saxon – Sacrifice Playlist

Saxon – Sacrifice

Sacrifice is the twentieth studio album by British heavy metal band Saxon. It was released on 1 March 2013 in Europe, 4 March in the United Kingdom and 26 March in the United States.

Track list

2.“Sacrifice”Saxon/Biff Byford3:58
3.“Made in Belfast”Saxon/Biff Byford4:34
4.“Warriors of the Road”Saxon/Biff Byford3:34
5.“Guardians of the Tomb”Saxon/Biff Byford4:47
6.“Stand up and Fight”Saxon/Biff Byford4:02
7.“Walking the Steel”Saxon/Biff Byford4:24
8.“Night of the Wolf”Saxon/Biff Byford4:20
9.“Wheels of Terror”Saxon/Biff Byford4:23
10.“Standing in a Queue”Saxon/Biff Byford3:36

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