Uriah Heep Living the Dream

Living the Dream is the 24th studio album by Uriah Heep, released in September 2018 by Frontiers Records. It was produced by Jay Ruston and it is their second album with bassist Davey Rimmer.


1.“Grazed by Heaven”4:31
2.“Living the Dream”5:34
3.“Take Away My Soul”6:13
4.“Knocking at My Door”4:58
5.“Rocks in the Road”8:19
6.“Waters Flowin'”4:27
7.“It’s All Been Said”6:01
8.“Goodbye to Innocence”3:34
9.“Falling Under Your Spell”3:25
10.“Dreams of Yesteryear”5:25

Album Art

Uriah Heep - Living the Dream - Vinil Cover
Uriah Heep – Living the Dream – Vinil Cover


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