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Dismantled is the 2nd song off our upcoming album, The Reckoning, coming September 9, 2022! Preorder it now at and then come see us on the Ready for Combat tour!

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The 2022 Ready for Combat tour is ON! Get your tickets at!
June 16 – Greensboro, NC
June 17 – Baltimore, MD
June 18 – Lancaster, PA
June 19.- Brooklyn, NY
June 21 – Providence, RI
June 22 – Pittsburgh, PA
June 24 – Detroit, MI
June 25 – Columbus, OH
June 26 – Grand Rapids, MI
June 28 – Chicago, IL
June 30 – St Paul, MN
July 1 – Bloomington, IL
July 2 – Iowa City, IA
July 3 – Des Moines, IA
July 5 – Kansas City, MO
July 7 – Denver, CO
July 8 – Salt Lake City, UT
July 11 – Seattle, WA
July 13 – Sacramento, CA
July 15 – Phoenix, AZ
July 17 – Albuquerque, NM
July 19 – San Antonio, TX
July 21 – Houston, TX
July 22 – Dallas, TX

I’m skin on bone
You like to watch to watch me fading
Still holding on
Won’t tell you how hate it

Oh, just one thing left to do
Got nothing left for you
But I will make it through

Take my heart, go ahead and strip me for parts
Pieces have gone missing, no survival instinct
It’s my life, let you use it up one more time
Leaving me in shambles, I’ll survive dismantled

Gone as a ghost
My suffering is wasted
I stay composed
But underneath I’m raging

I send my regrets and you can keep the resentment
I will never forget you now that I’ve learned my lesson
Spend the rest of my lifetime trying to unlearn your lies
Only one of us is built to survive

And if you should ask for my dying breath
Wouldn’t know how to say no
Take my heart, go ahead and strip me for parts
Leaving me in shambles, I’ll survive dismantled

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Author: Nahemah

Me voca et somnia plena voluptatis, in cubiculo tuo antequam dormias, ora nomen meum septies in forma mantrae, repete orationem donec somnium veniat. Ne timeas, ego tibi non nocebo, in oblivione erimus symbiosi.