Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.) Interviews

Blackie Lawless is a musician and the founder of the heavy metal band W.A.S.P, which was formed in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Originally called “Sister,” Lawless renamed the band to W.A.S.P, which stands for “We Are Sexual Perverts,” and became famous for their controversial stage shows and lyrics.

Their debut album, W.A.S.P, was released in 1984 and included the hit single “I Wanna Be Somebody.” It was a commercial success, solidifying the band’s reputation as one of the most controversial and outrageous bands in heavy metal.

Throughout the band’s history, W.A.S.P has released many albums and has gone through several lineup changes. However, Lawless has always been the band’s leader and primary songwriter. W.A.S.P’s music is a fusion of heavy metal, hard rock, and shock rock, with lyrics often criticized for their explicit sexual and violent content.

Despite the controversies, W.A.S.P has maintained a devoted fanbase and continues to tour and release new music. Blackie Lawless is widely recognized as one of the most influential and pioneering figures in heavy metal.

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As a true rock fan, I have been a devout follower of the genre for as long as I can remember. My passion for music began at a young age, listening to the classic rock bands of the 70s and 80s. But it wasn't until I discovered W.A.S.P. that I truly fell in love with the power and energy of heavy metal. I was immediately drawn to the band's unique blend of heavy metal, shock rock, and glam elements. W.A.S.P.'s music spoke to me on a deep level, and I couldn't get enough of it. I was particularly impressed by the band's controversial and theatrical live performances, which always left me on the edge of my seat. W.A.S.P.'s most successful...