Arch Enemy Black Earth


Black Earth is the debut studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. The album was reissued on 24 April 2007 on Regain Records, featuring “Losing Faith”, two Iron Maiden covers and the video for “Bury Me an Angel”.


1.“Bury Me an Angel”Michael AmottMichael Amott3:40
2.“Dark Insanity”Johan LiivaMichael AmottJohan Liiva3:16
3.“Eureka”Michael AmottMichael Amott Christopher Amott4:44
4.“Idolatress”LiivaMichael Amott Johan Liiva4:56
5.“Cosmic Retribution”Michael AmottMichael Amott4:00
6.“Demoniality”InstrumentalMichael Amott1:19
7.“Transmigration Macabre”Michael AmottMichael Amott4:09
8.“Time Capsule”InstrumentalChristopher Amott1:09
9.“Fields of Desolation”Johan LiivaMichael Amott Christopher Amott5:31


Arch Enemy Black Earth Art First Edition
Arch Enemy Black Earth Art First Edition
Arch Enemy Black Earth
Arch Enemy Black Earth Cover Art Expanded Edition

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