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Motörhead – Enter Sandman (Official Video)

Motörhead – Enter Sandman

#motorhead #metallica #heavymetal Listen, watch or buy ‘ Enter Sandman’ here Subscribe to the official Motörhead You Tube Channel Follow Motörhead Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Spotify Apple Music Deezer Amazon Music You Tube This is Motörhead’s little heard cover of Metallica’s huge global hit, ‘ Enter Sandman’ – a loving homage to arguably the most recognizable heavy metal song of all time. The video created by Mulberry Creative – […]

Blues Pills live | Rockpalast | 2013

Blues Pills Live | Rockpalast | 2013

Blues Pills live | Rockpalast | 2013 | Setlist 01. B L I S S 00 15 02. T I M E I S N O W 04 16 03. D I G I N 08 01 04. T H E R I V E R 13 49 05. D E V I L M A N 17 21 06. L I T T L E S U N 21 41 07. M I N D E X I T 25 59 08. B L U E S P I L L S 30 15 09. A S T R A L P L A N E 34 32 10. G Y P S Y 39 39 11. B L A C K S M O K E 43 52 12. Interview 50 53 13. W H E E L T O W H E E L 53 16 14. Y E T T O F I N D 56 20 Harter Bluesrock aus Schweden mit Soul Stimme. Das Quartett Blues Pills kreiert eine Rock’n’ Roll Atmosphäre, die direkt […]

Dark Dreams 11

Nahemah: Exploring The Enigmatic Demoness Within

Introduction Nahemah, the mysterious and fearsome demoness, has long captivated the human imagination. Her symbolic nature defies simplistic definitions, embodying the essence of materiality, the physical and ethereal manifestations of nature, and the powerful carnal forces and sensory perceptions within us. In this thought provoking post, we delve into the depths of Nahemah’s enigma, discovering her role as a guide for self aware individuals seeking knowledge, control, and higher levels of consciousness. Unveiling Nahemah’s Realm Nahemah, whose name echoes in whispers, reigns […]

Blackbriar &; Cicada (Official Music Video)

Blackbriar – Cicada

The official music video for ‘ Cicada’ by Blackbriar, the second single of our forthcoming album ‘ A Dark Euphony’. ➞ Pre orders are now live via Nuclear Blast Records Blackbriar is proudly endorsed by Lignator Guitars. Like and follow us on social media Facebook Instagram Tik Tok Would you like to support us? Merchandise Patreon Blackbriar Zora Cock – Vocals Bart Winters – Guitars Robin Koezen – Guitars Siebe Sol Sijpkens – Bassguitar René Boxem – Drums […]

Bridge City Sinners &; &;Rock Bottom” Live @ Flail Records

Bridge City Sinners – “rock Bottom” Live @ Flail Records

“ Rock Bottom” is an unreleased song by Bridge City Sinners and will be included on their new album “ Unholy Hymns” in the Winter of 2020. Merch Instagram Facebook Spotify Filmed by Jay Ulrich ( Jelly Pipe Media) at the “ Flail Records Compound” in Portland, Oregon Video support from Lyz Michaud ( Dark Hearts Society) Audio engineering Lightning’ Luke (also plays fiddle in video) Audio mixing by Jesse Payne ( Low Shelf Recording) If you got this far T H A N K Y O U! […]


Omnium Gatherum – Sacred

O M N I U M G A T H E R U M – Sacred ( L Y R I C V I D E O) Taken from the E P “ Slasher”, out June 2nd, 2023 Order now