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“This song speaks about the combined addiction to drugs and nightlife. A man follows his nocturnal routine at the strip club. His excess of drugs and s*x make the party seem like a huge blast. Just when the party is past its peak, he needs more to let it last just a little longer. He eventually realises the effect of the drugs wear off. Subsequently, the party is not as fun when he is not high — the people at the club don’t look good anymore, the atmosphere turns uncomfortable and grim, he seems to be all alone by himself. It’s all a fantasy created by his brain on drugs. To numb the pain caused by the realisation of the reality he lives in, he repeats it the next night all over again.”

Directed by Jens de Vos
Production: Panda Productions
Styling: Bente Nagtegaal
Vixen: Elén Beiter
Photography: Ankie van Kasteren
Support: Sebastian Silva, Jan Nusselder, Carmen Fontes de Albornoz

Music: Sonia Anubis
Lyrics: Sonia Anubis, Angelina Vehera

Recorded at Comeback Studios
Produced by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj & Sonia Anubis

Youtube: @Cobra Spell

#CobraSpell #AddictedToTheNight #AnthemsOfTheNight

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