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Let Us Burn Elements Concert

On 9 May 2012, the band officially announced special a concert entitled “Elements” at the Sportpaleis, in Antwerp, in celebration of their 15-year anniversary. Il Novecento Orchestra accompanied the band among other special guests, including ex-band members and former Orphanage vocalist George Oosthoek.

1.“Intro”den Adel, Westerholt 
2.“Iron”Westerholt, Daniel Gibson5:44
3.“In the Middle of the Night” (lyrics: den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson)den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson5:11
4.“Faster” (lyrics: den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson)den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson4:25
5.“Fire and Ice”den Adel, Martijn Spierenburg3:54
6.“Our Solemn Hour”den Adel, Spierenburg5:16
7.“Stand My Ground”Gibson, Han’some4:28
8.“Angels”den Adel, Spierenburg4:12
9.“Sanctuary” (Intro)den Adel, Westerholt2:01
10.“The Last Dance” (lyrics: Spierenburg, Westerholt, den Adel)Spierenburg, Westerholt, den Adel4:30
11.“Say My Name”den Adel, Westerholt4:06
12.“Candles” (featuring George Oosthoek)den Adel, Westerholt7:03
13.“Sinéad” (lyrics: den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson, Spierenburg)den Adel, Westerholt, Gibson, Spierenburg4:20
14.“The Promise”den Adel, Westerholt8:10
15.“Mother Earth”Westerholt, Guus Eikens5:33
16.“Ice Queen”den Adel, Westerholt4:54
17.“Stairway to the Skies”den Adel, Spierenburg6:21

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