Official video for ‘Time To Rise’ – new single out on Feb, 17th 2019!


Vocals by Nicoletta Rosellini.
Video directed by Shaman.

Recorded and produced by Lorenzo Avanzi (AVZstudios) –
Special thanks to:
Cristian Doti
Tommy Antonini

Music and lyrics by Shaman; audio recorded and produced by Alessandro Guasconi (Virus Recording Studio) –

Stefano Vettorino
Marifer, Greta, Maria e Ginevra (

Beyond the horizon
beyond all we can see,
something draws the lines of destiny.
We are alone
in the geometry of things,
hanging from the clouds
only a hand waving free.

Now the winter is everywhere,
shadows lengthen (to) turn into demons.
while the asymmetric flow of time
gives a beat to lifeless things.

We traverse…
(the) paths of knowledge,
(but) we know nothing of us,
only that we are here.
We are here
(to) pile up and raise
stone by stone,
forgetting the beauty of words.

Now it’s time to rise,
to run fast in the wake of kings.
It’s time to rise,
stop floating in memories.
It’s time to rise…
There must be other ways, there must be.
There must be other worlds, there must be.
It’s time to rise
cling to the sun’s rays.

Flat level sands
stretch far away.
Walking like shadows
we search for what is lost.
We raise all things
we later let fall down,
always clinging
to eventuality and hope.

But, the winter is everywhere.
Shadows lengthen (to) turn into demons.

Now it’s time to rise,
to run  fast in the wake of kings.
It’s time to rise,
to run  towards infinity.
It’s time to rise…
It’s time to rise,
cling to the sun’s rays.

Like waves in the ocean of time
we fall and rise again.
Sailors lost in the ocean of time.
On every island we find new pain.

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