VOODOOPRIEST — Juggernaut — Official Video
Produced by Leo Alves and Thiago Pinheiro from Kaiowas Studios

Voodoopriest’s official vídeo for the song Juggernaut, from the EP Voodoopriest released in February, 2013 at Norcal Studios

Voodoopriest line-up:
Vitor Rodrigues — vocals
César Covero — guitars
Renato De Luccas — guitars
Bruno Pompeo — bass
Edu Nicolini — drums

Music: Voodoopriest/Lyrics: Vitor Rodrigues

Unmerciful destructive, unrrelenting force
Diabolic rolling wrath, malevolent curse
There’s no mercy for the weak death holds their hands
Abomination drudging onward in death’s path you stand

Pulverizing earth, overbearing bellows
Shock waves are dropping hard built to destroy
All guns blazing, hell-raising full, metal attack
Blind devotion kneel and praise you being crushed to death

Arising to destroy
Commanding destruction
Unmerciful machine
Massive bloodshed
Termination time is now

Desolated, devastated
Bodies turn to ash
Juggernaut… unleashed his power
The sky turns to black
Dark force striking back

Mass destructions architecture instrument of pain
Infidels approaching death writhing remains
Deadly waves, no one is safe, point of no return
Punishment for decadence feel your faith it burns



Lazy placeholder Voodoopriest 8211 Juggernaut 8211 Official Video

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Lazy placeholder Voodoopriest 8211 Juggernaut 8211 Official Video
Author: Jairo