Black Eyes Demon

Gabrielle had always been fascinated by stories of the supernatural, so when she heard about the man who had made a pact with Nahemah, she was immediately intrigued.

Nahemah is a demon who is said to grant wishes in exchange for the soul of the person who makes the pact. Gabrielle’s research led her to believe that this story was more than just a legend, and she was determined to find out the truth.

What she discovered was an incredible story of a man who had made a deal with Nahemah and then regretted it deeply. This man had wished for great wealth and success, but at what cost? Read on to find out this incredible story.

The first appearance

The incredible story of the man who made a pact with Nahemah is an amazing tale. It all started when he was just a young boy. He had always been interested in the dark arts and had dabbled in them a bit, but nothing too serious. One day, while exploring some old ruins, he came across a strange book. It was covered in dust and looked like it hadn’t been touched in centuries. He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t resist opening it.

As soon as he did, a dark fog appeared and enveloped him. He felt himself being pulled into the book and then everything went black. When he came to, he found himself in a dark forest. It was midnight and there was a full moon. He heard something moving in the bushes and then a figure emerged. It was a beautiful woman with dark hair and eyes. She introduced herself as Nahemah and said that she had been waiting for him.

She told him that she was a demon who had been trapped in this forest for centuries. She said that she could help him become powerful if he made a pact with her. Without hesitation, he agreed. And so began his journey down the path of darkness

The Temptation

Tempted with the story Gabrielle looked for all ways to summon this entity, but always without success, reading some occult articles she came to the conclusion that the entity only answered the call of men and left the matter aside.

Until one day receiving an invitation for a party, she decided to try her luck again and went to the party, inside the house found a room with dark curtains and candles, only seeing that left excited and eager to know what was behind it.

She entered the room and was surprised by who was there, they were men in robes surrounding a statue of some unknown god or goddess, not knowing what she should do she sat down on the sofa waiting for something to happen.

Time passed and nothing happened, then she began to hear voices whispering, but not clearly enough for her to understand, more soon those voices became louder a great laughter came from nowhere, for that moment she felt fear but quickly returned the calm.

Then suddenly everything became quiet again. Soon after another voice sounded in itself it seemed like screaming as if someone were being tortured in hell itself and suddenly everything stopped once again leaving only silence as background music.

Gabrielle could feel fear now and tried to get up from the sofa but couldn’t move at all as if something was holding her there against her will when trying to escape but in a great impetus she managed to flee that place with the intention of never returning.

The Pact

Arriving home, at dawn, still scared, Gabrielle laid down on the bed, soon fell asleep, it was when she had the biggest nightmare of her life, being chased by a deformed creature that captured her and took her in the presence of a beautiful woman, white as paper, long black hair and with a small pair of horns and completely black eyes, then a certainty came to him, he had no doubt that that presence was a demon that had invaded his dream, everything happened in a place just like the one she had visited at the party. At a given moment the woman told her, from now on I will be in your dreams every night, and whatever you ask of me you will have the next day, it will be enough for you to satisfy my servants. Since she called me, if you refuse, you’ll only have the pain.

This incredible story was related in great detail by a patient in a psychiatric clinic during a regressive hypnosis session. Being that this patient was a woman who in a few years had become extremely wealthy, but who suddenly went mad. And there? Is it just a mental patient’s daydream? will be the cause of the disease? Or is it all just another urban legend? What do you think?

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Author: Ryder