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Elina Siirala

Elina Siirala

Elina Siirala

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Elina Siirala

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  • Leaves EyesLeaves Eyes
    Leaves Eyes is a German symphonic metal band from Germany and Norway. They were formed in 2003 by Liv Kristine, the former lead singer of Theatre of Tragedy and the entire line-up of Atrocity. Most of Leaves Eyes lyrics, written by Liv Kristine until her departure in 2016, concern Norse …
  • Elina SiiralaElina Siirala
    Elina Siirala, born 27 October 1983, is a Finnish soprano and vocal coach. She is known as the founder and front woman for the English melodic metal band Angel Nation and the current female vocalist for the German symphonic metal/viking metal band Leaves’ Eyes. Elina is the second cousin of Tuomas Holopainen, founder and keyboardist of Nightwish.

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