“Peeps” is taken from our new album “Rouge” (Scarlet Records, Marquee / Avalon)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrea Fusini

Mattia Martinetto: director, operator, D.O.P.
Simone Roattino: art direction, production design, choreography
Federico Mondelli: script, screenplay, editing, post production
Paul Canetti: production coordinator

Jungle Gaia (The Queen)
Carola Abrate (The Bar Lady)
Giulia Bertona (The Ponytail Girl)
Edoardo Blanda (The Leopard Coat Guy)
Claudia Corotto (The Brunette)
Marcela Gugliotta (The Pink Shirt Girl)
Anta Mbengue (The Turban Girl)
Igor Mustone (The Piano Guy)
Emanuele Piras (The Guitar Guy)
Simone Roattino (The Tank Top Guy)
Giulia Sodaro (The Piano Lady)
Andrada Vasiliu (The Tattoo Girl)
Junior Ventura (The Small Drum Guy)
Paul Canetti (The Drummer)
Marco Verdone (The Bass Player)
Federico Mondelli (The Jester)

Thanks to Yamaha Guitars
Thanks to The Mad Dog Social Club (Torino)

Lazy placeholder Be The Wolf 8211 Peeps Official Video

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Lazy placeholder Be The Wolf 8211 Peeps Official Video
Author: Lizzie