Telekinetic Yeti’s song “Stoned and Feathered” from their debut full length album “Abominable” out now!
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Video shot and edited by Joe Gibbs.

“Abominable is easily one of the best stoner/doom albums I’ve ever heard and is sure to place highly on the top 100 albums of the year. This is not one you’re going to want to miss out on. 9.5/10” – Metal At The Gates

“An album that will surely earn its way on many year end lists for 2017.” – Metal Injection

“Its nimble, trippy contents have the loose, free feel of a hippy tripping balls, the tireless charge of a rhino on coke, and the light fuzz of an adolescent boy’s upper lip. You’re gonna love it.” – Metal Sucks

“Occasionally, a recording reaches out of the speakers and grabs you — shakes you — doesn’t invite but demands that you trip with it along whatever imagined pathways it produces. Abominable, the first full-length release from Dubuque’s Telekinetic Yeti may just be the first such album of 2017.” – Little Village Mag

‘Abominable’ by Telekinetic Yeti has the pedigree and potential to become a milestone record. Maybe it will take a little while. Or maybe it will take longer than that, who’s to say. However, it will leave its mark, sooner or later, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind.”
-Guitar Ingenuity

“Telekinetic Yeti have put together a ridiculously strong debut album with Abominable and consequently one that gives a shot in the arm to the stoner doom genre. It’s creative, heavy, addictive and energetic — what more can you ask for?” – Nine Circles

“Eight songs tie together forty one minutes of some of the richest and flat-out HUGE sounding songs to come from two guys in my memory!!” – Taste Nation

“Abominable is an outstanding album, performed and produced masterfully. They compose with a unique freedom their songs that, ultimately, prove to be of little gems. Stuff that many bands with a more complete line-up can safely dream of. Although only two, Telekinetic Yeti have the power of a supernova” – Outlaws of the Sun

“Telekinetic Yeti are not run of the mill, and stand out as being something to look out for in 2017 and beyond.” – Super Dank Metal Jams

“Abominable is extremely enjoyable and boasts songs that are destined to stick firmly in your thinkbox for many moons to come. Get this!” – Wonderbox Metal

“The first word that comes to my mind to describe Telekinetic Yeti’s debut is surprising. Surprising to find such a massive and heavy sound which will be shaking both the speakers and the walls of your house. Surprising because if you are caught unaware and not knowing that this is a duo, you would think there are more people behind the creation of this music.”

“Two guys, sounding like more, making a hell of a racket with just six strings and some skins, you just got to check it out” – Desert Psychlist

“After hearing Abominable I can only say that I think Telekinetic Yeti is going to destroy a lot of stages with this album. They prove that you can rock as hard with 2 people as some bands do with 9.” – Octopus Reviews

“Telekinetic Yeti leaves a great impression with the album “Abominable” through Sump Pump Records showing that two can do the work and the noise of three, four or five. And more than that, perhaps they have left a challenge: who will be the next duo to challenge the titanic hail of bullets of these two guys?” – Stoned Union Doomed

“This album will ensnare anyone who happens to hear its siren call. Get this in your ears now.” – Glacially Musical

“If you’re a fan of Sleep, OM and CONAN then you’re going to go crazy over this band.” – Outlaws of the Sun

Lazy placeholder Telekinetic Yeti 8211 Stoned and Feathered Official Music Video

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Lazy placeholder Telekinetic Yeti 8211 Stoned and Feathered Official Music Video
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