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Alone I am. Cold and black.
Neutron Star.
Dark halos of God shine when massive stars collapse.
Black Goo
Blood, hate and fascination (x3)

Alone I feel I die.
Deadly Star.
I feel the dark substance is mixing in my spine.
Nothing disturbs their smiles.
They’re playing with my DNA.
Black Goo
Blood, hate and fascination (x3)

Gestation in the mud.
Reptilian nervous map.
Tales I can go back to understand the way that I am.
All is pitch-black.
Mutilation out of sight.
Doctors cut the uterus.
Here is the antichrist.

Stars are made of gas.
I feel empty inside. Another space runs out.
We were created by gods.
Astronauts that existed before us.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts to all the people that made this video possible:

Directed and produced by Sergio Mangas

Art Direction and Production Assistan by Barbara Navarro Soler.

Scientist – Fran Gil
Pregnant – Ana Robert

Music produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Facundo Novo – Novo Estudios

Special thanks to:
Daniel Luces and Lourdes Cervera
Manic Panic Spain
Ciudad Banana
EMG Pickups

Thanks to all our fans and supporters!!

Lyrics, Music Composed, Arranged and Performed by SynlakrosS


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Lazy placeholder SYNLAKROSS 8211 Pitch Black OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Lazy placeholder SYNLAKROSS 8211 Pitch Black OFFICIAL VIDEO
Author: Beatrice