Mizuho Lin

Mizuho Lin

Mizuho Lin – Semblant Singer

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  • SemblantSemblant
    Semblant is a Brazilian melodic death metal band. During their initial years, the band performed at several concerts in Brazil with different musicians in the lineup, including the first vocalist, Katia Shakath, responsible for the vocals for the album Last Night of Mortality. Shakath left the band in mid 2010 and …
  • SEMBLANT – Purified (Official Video)SEMBLANT – Purified (Official Video)
    From the album VERMILION ECLIPSE. Stream or purchase a physical copy HERE: https://orcd.co/semblant | Out April 15, 2022 on Frontiers Music Srl. STREAM/ORDER in CD/LP/Digital: https://orcd.co/semblant ———– PURIFIED (Music and Lyrics by Juliano Ribeiro) Sinner or saint? What difference does it make when you realize there’s no heaven We’re all …
  • SEMBLANT – What Lies Ahead (Official Video)SEMBLANT – What Lies Ahead (Official Video)
    Instagram: @semblantofficial http://www.facebook.com/semblantband http://www.semblant.com.br http://www.emplabelgroup.com http://www.empmerch.com http://www.facebook.com/emplabelgroup :: LUNAR MANIFESTO will be release worldwide on July 8th! CD and Limited Edition Vinyl via pre-order available NOW at: http://empmerch.com/ WHAT LIES AHEAD (music & lyrics by Juliano Ribeiro) :: Video produced by: – Alceste Ribas — http://www.vampvideo.tv/ :: LUNAR MANIFESTO: 1. …
  • The Erinyes – “Betrayed” – Official Music Video | @Elyose Official @Mizuho Lin @Nicoletta RoselliniThe Erinyes – “Betrayed” – Official Music Video | @Elyose Official @Mizuho Lin @Nicoletta Rosellini
    From the album “The Erinyes”. Stream or purchase a physical copy HERE: https://orcd.co/theerinyes | Watch the music video for ‘Drown The Flame’ HERE: https://youtu.be/woP9je76CPA | Subscribe To Frontiers Music Srl: http://radi.al/SubscribeFrontiers Video by Samuele Valle & Truck Me Hard The Erinyes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erinyesmetal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinyesmetal Justine Daaé https://www.facebook.com/justine.elyose https://www.instagram.com/justinedaae/?hl=en Mizuho …
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