The first single The Garden of Earthly Delights from Apocalypse Orchestra’s album, The End Is Nigh.
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Video directed, filmed and edited by Magnus Ewald

Apocalypse Orchestra would like to thank:
Our friends at Despotz Records

Mia Ulin at Vasaborgen Uppsala slott/Uppsala Castle, for letting us borrow this wonderful historical place.

Christer Circle Linde, the actor performing in the video.

Nymla, the artist who have created several of the masks seen in the video.

Karin for letting us borrow one of the masks.

Petra at Cotton & Steel i Gävle for lending us props.

Anna for being on set, being a driver, and prop holder.

Stephansdotter Photography (writer) for all the wonderful photos taken on set.

Stay folk!

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Born from the void and still pristine
Tranquil, vast and cold
See the orb of blue and green
When he spake the light shone gold

Brought to life, in the image of god
In this holy place
Settled among the creatures odd
Eve, dear girl, avert thy gaze

Claims to love them all;
his world below
Minding not their fall;
a mirthful show

Merriments in the centerpiece
Weird things in galore
Is this the cradle of the disease
that man alone must answer for?

Joy and delight, forever ceased
Suffering’s abloom
Eaten alive by the cauldron beast
Let the drones ring to the sound of doom

#ApocalypseOrchestra #TheGardenofEarthlyDelights #Medieval #rockmusic

℗ & © 2017 Despotz Records

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