AD INFINITUM – Afterlife ft. Nils Molin (Official Video) | Napalm Records ft.

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“Afterlife is one of those songs that was an obvious candidate to introduce and represent the sound of our second album. We are proud to present a darker, heavier Ad Infinitum and we are thrilled to share “the stage” with one of the greatest voices in metal nowadays, mister Nils Molin.“

Nils Molin on “AFTERLIFE”
”Ad Infinitum is one of those few bands that with their second album go beyond delivering upon the great promise established by their first release and instead shatter expectations with Chapter II – Legacy!
I’m hell’a excited to contribute with my voice and be featured on the haunting and devilishly delicate track and second single release – Afterlife!”

Produced by Ad Infinitum
Orchestrations by Elias Holmlid
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen

Band & guest:
Nils Molin (vocals – guest)
Melissa Bonny (vocals)
Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars)
Korbinian Benedict (bass)
Niklas Müller (drums)

Video credits:
Video Production: Ralf Leitner
Camera / Light Assistant: Dominik Steindl
Lights: Aline Hölzl
Light assistant: Ivan Okello
Pyro: Daniel Winkler
Photograph: Verena Hörtnagel

Special thanks to Harald Gander


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AD INFINITUM – Afterlife ft. Nils Molin (Official Video) | Napalm Records ft. Related Posts

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