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Metal Playlist January 2021

Metal Playlist January 2021 1 – Infected Rain – Orphan Soul 2 – Angstskríg – Lucifer Kalder 3 – Carcass – Slaughtered In Soho 4 – Epica – The Phantom Agony 5 – Sirenia – We Come To Ruins 6 – A C/ D C – Realize 7 – Accept – Zombie Apocalypse 8 – […]

Mato Grosso e Mathias

Mato Grosso E Mathias

Matogrosso & Mathias is a backwoods duo from Brazil, originally from 1966. The backwoods duo Matogrosso & Mathias originally began their journey with João Batista Bernardo. Matogrosso, From Vista Alegre do Alto (born in 25 November 1950). The nickname is due to the fact that he lived in Cáceres ( Mato Grosso) for […]

João Mineiro e Marciano

João Mineiro E Marciano

João Mineiro e Marciano was a Brazilian country duo formed by João Sant’ Ângelo, João Mineiro ( Andradas, August 23, 1937 – Jundiaí, March 24, 2012) and José Marciano, Marciano ( Bauru, April 1, 1951 – São Caetano do Sul, January 18, 2019). They were successful in the 80s, having a program on T V, […]



Laurel Arnell Cullen, better known as  Laurel, is a British indie musician based in  London. Laurel received critical acclaim for writing, recording and producing all her music in her bedroom studio in London.

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