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Sabaton – Live at Resurrection Fest Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band from  Falun, Sweden. Most of their songs are written about historical events such as war or heroism. Albums Primo Victoria (2005) Attero Dominatus (2006) Metalizer (2007) The Art of War (2008) Coat of Arms (2010) Carolus Rex (2012) Heroes (2014) The Last Stand (2016) The Great War (2019) Share It Twitter […]

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Metal Playlist September 2020

Metal Playlist September 2020 Kane Roberts Kamelot Within Temptation Five Finger Death Punch Beast ub Black Soulspell Billy Idol cover by Sershen & Zaritskaya Volturian Nightmare Eternal Idol Leaves Eyes Saxon Semblant Raven Word Killer be Killed Semblant Overkill Black Label Society Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save

Deep Purple Come Taste the Band

Deep Purple Come Taste The Band

Come Taste The Band is the tenth studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple, originally released in October 1975. 1. “ Comin’ Home” 3 55 2. “ Lady Luck” 2 48 3. “ Gettin’ Tighter” 3 37 4. “ Dealer” 3 50 5. “ I Need Love” 4 23 6. “ Drifter” 4 02 7. “ Love Child” 3 08 8. “ This Time Around […]

Soulspell Metal Opera

Soulspell Metal Opera

Soulspell Metal Opera Playlist. ( Is a brazilian metal band formed in 2005) Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save

Jinjer Live at Resurrection Fest

Jinjer Live At Resurrection Fest

Jinjer at Live at Resurrection Fest E G 2018 Viveiro, Spain J I N J E R Playlist Resurrection Fest is a rock music festival that takes place in  Viveiro, region of Lugo, Spain. This festival has been held annually since 2006 during July or early August and features mainly heavy metal, hardcore punk and punk rock bands. Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save

Arch Enemy

Wlad Playlist

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Burning Witches

Burning Witches is a heavy metal / power metal band from Switzerland, more specifically from the Brugg region, formed in 2015, the sound of his music results from a complex mixture of traditional heavy metal and power metal. Photo Gallery Share It Twitter Share Tumblr Share Pinterest Save



Megadeth – Live at Resurrection Fest Megadeth is an American heavy metal band formed in 1983 by guitarist  Dave Mustaine and bassist  David Ellefson in  Los Angeles, California. Along with  Metallica,  Anthrax, and  Slayer, Megadeth is one of the “big four” of American thrash metal, responsible for its development and popularization. Their music features complex arrangements and fast rhythm sections, and lyrical themes of death, […]



Metallica – Live in Manchester Metallica is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in 1981 in  Los Angeles by vocalist/guitarist  James Hetfield and drummer  Lars Ulrich, and has been based in  San Francisco for most of its career. The band’s fast tempos, instrumentals and aggressive musicianship made them one of the founding “big four” bands of thrash metal, alongside  Megadeth,  Anthrax and  Slayer. Metallica […]

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