From their never released self-titled album. Learn more about Dream Widow in Studio 666 in theatres or at home on demand (USA/CA).

Dream Widow out now:

Dave Grohl – Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Oliver Roman – Keys
Jim Rota – Lead Guitar

Visualizers by Jose Lun
Production Company: dreambear

Dreams of annihilation
Are washing over me
A wicked premonition
Something I cannot see
A vision stands before me
Her eyes begin to weep
I beg that you may join me
In this eternal sleep
I don’t wanna wake up
I don’t wanna wake up
I don’t wanna wake up
The sacred incantations
Another vow to take
Pleasure I find in feeling
Another spirit break
My weary soul is finished
Believing all their lies
I cannot rest until the
The faith inside you dies

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Lazy placeholder Dream Widow Cold Official Visualizer

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Author: Maat