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Vocals and backing vocals by Marit “Minniva” Børresen/Rob Lundgren
Music Production/Mixing by Quentin Cornet
Video arranged and edited by Marit Minniva Børresen / Quentin Cornet

★Thanks to Quentin Cornet and Rob Lundgrenfor collaborating and working on this track ! You can follow them here :

[Verse 1]
We spin the world like a pinball machine
We have thoughts of a life in abundance
Day and night we wish movies were real
And what’s behind the screen is our entrance

I’m like a satellite, transmitting different eras
I am the voice of the next generation
Completely digital, create synthetic auras
Start a revolution now

You will never have to cry, cause the future is sold
You can never die and you’ll never grow old
Oh, but everything surrounding you is digital
Never break the mold, you do as you’re told
Freedom is for sale if you give them control
(Oh) Erase, return in a digital world

[Verse 2]
I know it feels like you’re part of a dream
You can fly and fight wars without judgement
You respawn and mistakes will repeal
But you will always be searching for an answer



Start a revolution now!(x2)

[Verse 1]


Lazy placeholder Digital World 8211 Amaranthe Cover by Minniva ft Quentin Cornet Rob Lundgren

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Lazy placeholder Digital World 8211 Amaranthe Cover by Minniva ft Quentin Cornet Rob Lundgren
Author: Theodora