Full stream of “Witch of the Future” put together with visualizers by Suzi Uzi.

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1. Purgatory (00:01-3:07)
2. Radiation (3:08-10:43)
3. Witch of the Future (10:44-21:16)
4. Torches (21:17-26:17)
5. Blood on the Blade (26:18-29:07)
6. Hash King (29:08-36:22)
7. End of Man (36:23-41:32)


Black Road began its journey in 2015 with an uncertain identity. Trying to nail down solid band members and find common ground took some time. Upon the arrival of Halloween 2016, the band had formed the lineup that remains today. On the 3 year anniversary of this lineup coming together, they release their debut full-length “Witch of the Future” on Halloween 2019.

Following a successful debut EP, fun music videos, and a few single releases, there was a lot of excitement to get this album out to the world. A lucky 50 folks ended up with the limited edition 7″ clear vinyl through DHU RECORDS! That track “Blood on the Blade” is included on the LP as well. The songs included are all completely written by the current members, as opposed to the EP which contained songs once written and performed by past band members.

Tim M. lead the songs as usual with his soaring riffs. Melodic and harmonic, they set the tone for the vocals. All lyrics and vocals are done by Suzi Uzi, with Tim doing backing vocals on a few tracks. There is synth and tambourine sprinkled throughout, but not overdone. Robert Gonzales took charge of the recording sessions! He absolutely nailed his drum takes during the live recordings, while Casey Papp complimented his every beat with some killer, amazing bass.

After having super solid takes, vocals and guitar solos were added, as well as percussion and synth, to round out the sound. The ambience of the studio and the relaxed nature of the entire process comes out in the album. The single ‘Witch of the Future” was first released as a live track in 2017, then again in 2018 as a standalone digital single. It was completely redone in the studio and is released as the title track for this album.

Black Road thanks EACH AND EVERY PERSON who has followed along the this dark and winding path! We wouldn’t be here without you!

*DHU RECORDS* *BloodRock Records*
released October 31, 2019

Copyright Black Road 2019.
Recorded & Mixed at Roosterbat Studios.
Mastered by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Co.
Cover photo: Don Corthier

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