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“Warriors!!! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty…
for today you dine in SPARTA!!!”
~ The Spartan ~

300 Spartans against the Empire – this heroic fight can’t be forgotten and so Odin sent The Spartan as one of the four Kings Of War back to planet earth. This brave king was one of the few who stood side by side to hold the place of doom when the superiority of the Empire tried to fight them back, armed by not much more than their iron will.
Spartans are men of few words. They prefer to go straight to action. So The Spartan summoned two attendants: From the seventh circle of hell, the Queen Of The Damned arises to lend her voice to the WARKINGS! For the album Reborn that appears next Friday, Odin sent another of his disciples for the song. Stay tuned!
Queen Of The Damned:
“I’ve come a long way to meet the kings again. Now listen to the sound of our voices dancing with the screams of our weapons.”


Lazy placeholder WARKINGS feat The Queen of the Damned 8211 Sparta

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Author: Adele