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Guitarist Prika comments on the new song and video:
“A perfect scenery to compose lyrics that encourage overcoming. It talks about things that hurt you and that you’re not alone. This new video symbolizes a new phase in the band with which I identify myself 100%!

“I like the idea of using fire in the video, because i think the symbology has everything to do with the message in the song. Fire represents renewal and mainly purification, and using it in the video really gives me the idea of triumph, overcoming and moving on!” adds Fernanda.

Production – Martin Furia
Mix – V.O. Pulver (guitarist of Panzer)
Master – Alan Douches
Director: Luringa
Photography: Ygor de Oliveira
Photography Assistant: Lucas Queiroz
Production: Mayara Lopes
Making Of: Welisson Ribeiro
Actress: Floema Oliveira

Special thanks to:
Christino e Filhos Junkyard
Visarte Audiovisuais
Vegas Luz e Som

Brazilian all-female thrash commando unit Nervosa is synonymous with raw aggression and untamed power – a massive punch right in the face both live and immortalized on two records so far!

For their third album Downfall of Mankind, the trio joined forces with producer Martin Furia who previously worked with Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam and Evil Invaders and also toured with Nervosa as a sound engineer. The result perfectly captures the live energy and the old school character that defines the band without neglecting the strengths of a modern, compact soundscape. Riff-fests like ‘Vultures‘ and ‘Kill the silence‘ grab the listener by the throat and succeed with straight-ahead stomp and economical arrangements – it comes as no surprise genre legends such as João Gordo (Ratos de Porão), Rodrigo Oliveira (Korzus) and Michael Gilbert (Flotsam & Jetsam) were thrilled to be studio guests!

A highly focused killing machine that will give the thrashing competition a run for its money.

Lazy placeholder NERVOSA 8211 Kill The Silence Official Video Napalm Records

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Lazy placeholder NERVOSA 8211 Kill The Silence Official Video Napalm Records
Author: Alvena