Raging Silence is the 17th album by British Rock group Uriah Heep. It marked the studio debut of Canadian vocalist Bernie Shaw and keyboardist Phil Lanzon, both of whom have remained with the band since. It was produced by Richard Dodd and the title is an allusion to the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band album The Roaring Silence (1976).  More in Wikipedia


1.“Hold Your Head Up”Rod Argent, Chris White4:33
2.“Blood Red Roses”Peter Goalby4:10
3.“Voice on My TV”Mick Box, Phil Lanzon4:20
4.“Rich Kid”Trevor Bolder4:49
5.“Cry Freedom”Box, Lanzon4:34
6.“Bad Bad Man”Lanzon4:11
7.“More Fool You”Box, Lanzon3:34
8.“When the War Is Over”Steve Prestwich5:09
9.“Lifeline”Rod Roddy, Leon Medica, Fergie Frederiksen, Tony Haselden4:53
10.“Rough Justice”Box, Lanzon, Bolder, Bernie Shaw4:21

Album Art

Uriah Heep Raging Silence
Uriah Heep Raging Silence

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Author: Uriah Heep Tribute

Uriah Heep is an iconic British rock band that was formed in London in 1969. The band's classic lineup consisted of lead vocalist David Byron, guitarists Mick Box and Ken Hensley, bassist Gary Thain, and drummer Nigel Olsson. Their music is a unique blend of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock, and they are known for their prominent use of keyboard instruments such as the Hammond organ and Mellotron. They achieved their greatest commercial success with the album "Look at Yourself" in 1971, which reached number 23 on the UK Albums Chart. Some of the band's most popular and enduring songs include "Easy Livin'," "Stealin'," and "Lady in Black." Uriah Heep continues to tour and release new music to...