Cassandra was a figure in Greek mythology known for her prophetic abilities. She was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, and was known for her beauty and intelligence. According to legend, she was granted the gift of prophecy by the god Apollo, but when she rejected his advances, he cursed her so that nobody would ever believe her prophecies.

Despite this curse, Cassandra continued to make accurate predictions about the future, including the fall of Troy and the death of Agamemnon. However, her warnings were ignored or dismissed by those around her, and she was often seen as crazy or delusional. Her tragic fate was ultimately sealed when she was taken as a concubine by Agamemnon, who had her killed when he no longer wanted her.

Cassandra’s story has been the subject of many works of literature and art throughout history, and she has come to represent the idea of a prophet or truth-teller who is ignored or dismissed by those in power.

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