Atargatis is a goddess from ancient Middle Eastern mythology, particularly from the region of Syria. She was primarily worshipped by the people of Palmyra and was associated with fertility, water, and the moon. Atargatis was often depicted as a mermaid or a fish-tailed goddess, symbolizing her connection to the water.

In some myths, Atargatis was believed to be the mother of the fertility god Adonis, who was also worshipped in the region. According to legend, Atargatis fell in love with a mortal man and had a child with him, but the child was eventually killed by a boar. In some versions of the story, Adonis is actually the child of Atargatis and her mortal lover.

Atargatis was an important figure in the religious and cultural traditions of ancient Syria, and her influence can still be seen in various aspects of modern culture. Her image has been depicted in art and literature throughout history, and she remains a fascinating and complex figure in the mythology of the ancient Middle East.

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