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Cailleach is a figure in Celtic mythology, particularly in Scotland and Ireland. She is often described as an old hag or crone, and is associated with winter, death, and the earth. In some legends, she is depicted as a powerful and fearsome goddess who wields control over the natural world, shaping the land and determining the seasons.

In other stories, Cailleach is depicted as a shapeshifting sorceress who uses her magic to bring about winter and hold back the spring. Despite her fearsome reputation, she is also seen as a wise and nurturing figure, who is capable of granting gifts and offering guidance to those who seek her out.

In some traditions, Cailleach is seen as the consort of the god Beira, the queen of winter, and is believed to have transformed into a beautiful young woman at the start of spring. In others, she is associated with the goddess Bridgit or Bride, who is seen as the embodiment of healing, fertility, and renewal.

The figure of Cailleach continues to be an important part of Celtic folklore and tradition, and is revered by many people today as a symbol of the power and magic of the natural world.

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