My Poem For This Picture

A beauty woman with red eyes of fire,
Her presence so alluring, you can’t help but admire,
A vampire of the night, with a dangerous desire,
To feed on the blood, of those she can acquire.

Her red eyes shine, with an intense glow,
A sign of her strength, of her deadly flow,
Her beauty a mask, of the danger below,
As she lures her victims, into her dark show.

She walks with grace, with a haunting sway,
Her red eyes piercing, through the darkest of day,
Her lips so inviting, her fangs on display,
As she claims her victims, without delay.

The beauty woman with red eyes of fire,
A creature of the night, with a deadly desire,
To feed on the blood, of those she can acquire,
A vampire of the darkness, with a haunting attire.

Her beauty is a curse, a trap for the unwary,
For those who dare, to cross her path and tarry,
Her red eyes a warning, of the fate that’s scary,
As she takes their blood, with a deadly flurry.

So beware the beauty woman with red eyes,
For her charm is a trap, and her fangs a disguise,
A vampire of the night, with a haunting guise,
And a hunger for blood, that she’ll never compromise.

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Author: Milo

Digital art enthusiast with a passion for exploring the endless possibilities of technology in creative expression. Skilled in various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate, always pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. Constantly seeking inspiration and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital art community. Whether it's photo manipulation, digital painting, or 3D modeling, the world of digital art is a constant source of inspiration and excitement.