My Poem For This Picture

A woman with large wings takes flight,
In the dark of night, under starry light,
Her wings a shadow, against the moon’s bright,
A mystical creature, in her own right.

With feathers soft, and wings outspread,
She soars through the night, with not a shred,
Of fear or doubt, in her heart or head,
For she knows the skies are her rightful bed.

Her wingspan vast, she rides the breeze,
The wind her ally, the night her ease,
As she explores the world, with curious keys,
Uncovering secrets, and ancient mysteries.

For the woman with large wings, the night is home,
Her wings a cloak, her spirit free to roam,
Through the shadows, and the stars that dome,
A creature of light, in darkness she’ll roam.

So let us watch her flight, with awe and wonder,
As she glides through the night, with grace and thunder,
For the woman with large wings, is a rare wonder,
A mystical being, that we can’t help but ponder.

And as she disappears, into the starry night,
We’ll remember her flight, and her wondrous might,
For the woman with large wings, is a magical sight,
A symbol of freedom, and a creature of flight.

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Author: Tiara