My Poem For This Picture

In the depths of the underworld,
Where demons and monsters swirled,
Lived a princess with a different flair,
With purple hair that shimmered in the air.

She was no ordinary demoness,
For she possessed powers beyond the rest,
And with her beauty and charm,
She could disarm any foe with ease and calm.

Her purple hair flowed like a river,
And her eyes sparkled like diamonds that quiver,
She ruled her kingdom with an iron fist,
But her heart was full of love and bliss.

She was the Purple Hair Demon Princess,
Feared by many, loved by some, no less,
But she lived life on her own terms,
And never gave in to any squirms.

Her kingdom was her sanctuary,
And her people her responsibility,
She protected them from harm and danger,
And her enemies, she never gave them any stranger.

So if you ever venture to the underworld,
And meet the Purple Hair Demon Princess unfurled,
Don’t be afraid, for she’s not what she seems,
Just a ruler with a heart full of dreams.

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Author: Tia