My Poem For This Picture

In the dark ambient of the underworld’s abyss,
There’s a stunning woman, with a demonic kiss,
Her beauty mesmerizing, her presence amiss,
A demoness of the night, with a deadly bliss.

Her skin as dark as the night, her eyes aglow,
With a fiery red, that strikes an eerie blow,
Her curves so enticing, her movements slow,
As she beckons to you, with a seductive flow.

Her hair a raven black, her wings a fierce span,
A creature of the darkness, with a power so grand,
Her beauty a trap, for those who dare to stand,
In the presence of the demoness, with a deadly command.

She lures you into her embrace, with a hypnotic trance,
And once you’re in her grasp, there’s no escape from her dance,
Her hold on you, a deadly romance,
As she takes your soul, with a haunting stance.

In the dark ambient of the underworld’s abyss,
The demoness reigns, with her seductive twist,
Her beauty a curse, her kiss a deadly wish,
A stunning woman, with a demonic bliss.

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