My Poem For This Picture

A vampire with long black hair,
Creeps out into the night with a stare,
Her eyes glowing red like fire,
As she seeks her next desire.

Her hair flows like the darkest night,
As she preys on victims out of sight,
Her fangs extend with a sharpness,
As she feeds on blood with a darkness.

With every sip, she grows stronger,
Her beauty only lasts much longer,
Her victim’s life begins to fade,
As she leaves them alone and unafraid.

The vampire with long black hair,
Has been alive for centuries in despair,
Her existence a cursed fate,
As she roams the earth, tempting her next mate.

But deep within her ancient soul,
There’s a longing to be whole,
To break free from the eternal thirst,
And live a life beyond the curse.

Until then, she continues her hunt,
Feeding on those she dares confront,
A vampire with long black hair,
A haunting presence, beyond compare.

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Author: Joe