My Poem For This Picture

A succubus with a tight red dress,
Glides through the night with seductive finesse,
Her beauty entices and her hips sway,
As she lures her prey to come her way.

With every step, she casts a spell,
Her eyes bewitching, her kiss a sell,
Her figure alluring, her curves divine,
As she leaves her victims in a dreamy decline.

Her skin so soft, her lips so red,
Her touch so intoxicating, they’re easily led,
Her powers undeniable, her magic strong,
As she feeds on desires all night long.

But her beauty is but a guise,
For her true form, a haunting surprise,
A demon from the underworld,
Luring men to do as she has hurled.

A succubus with a tight red dress,
A dangerous game, a deadly caress,
Her victims fall into a trance,
As she feeds on their lustful dance.

Beware of the succubus in red,
Her wiles can leave you in the undead,
For once she’s lured you into her lair,
Your fate with her, is beyond repair.

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Author: Vicente Berge