Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Humble Pie is a rock band that formed in England in 1969. The group was founded by Steve Marriott, who had notable and memorable hits like ’30 Days in the Hole,’ ‘C’mon Everybody’ and ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor.’

The story behind the name Humble Pie

Who is Steve Marriott? Many people may not know his name, but he was the lead singer and guitarist for the British rock band Humble Pie. The band was formed in 1969 and had several hits in the 1970s. Marriott died in 1991, but the band continues to tour today.

The name Humble Pie comes from a dish that Marriott ate as a child. His mother would make it for him when he was naughty. It was a traditional English dish made with meat and vegetables, but she would put hot peppers in it to teach him a lesson.

Marriott said that the name of the band was meant to be ironic, because they were anything but humble. They were a loud and rowdy group, and they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Despite their success, the band was plagued by personal problems and internal conflict. Marriott and bass player Greg Ridley had a falling out in 1975 and the band broke up soon after. They reunited briefly in 1980, but it didn’t last long.

The band has been through many lineup changes over the years, but original drummer Jerry Shirley is the only member who has been with them since the beginning. He is the only one who knows the real story

Perter Frampton

Perter Frampton

The brand also featuring the incredible talents of Peter Frampton on guitar and vocals, along with Steve Ferrone on drums, Bob Mayo on keyboards, and Percy Jones on bass. With such an amazing lineup of musicians, it’s no wonder that their debut album is already getting rave reviews.


Who is Steve Marriott?

Steve Marriott

Steve Marriott – The late Steve Marriott was the front man for two of the most successful British rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s, Small Faces and Humble Pie. He was known for his powerful voice and his energetic stage presence. Marriott was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Steve’s solo career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter

Steve Marriott was best known as the lead singer and guitarist for the British rock band Humble Pie. He was also a successful solo artist, and released several albums under his own name. Steve’s solo career began in 1971, when he released his first album, Marriott. The album was a commercial success, and spawned the hit single “Marlene”.

Steve’s second album, Packet of Three, was released in 1972. The album featured a more diverse range of styles than its predecessor, including country-influenced tracks like “Country Girl” and “Lonesome Traveller”. The album was another commercial success, reaching the Top 10 in the UK charts.

Steve’s third album, 30 Seconds to Midnite, was released in 1974. The album saw Steve experimenting with different styles of music, including disco (“Dance the Night Away”) and reggae (“Rastaman”). The album was not as commercially successful as its predecessors, but received positive reviews from critics.

In 1975, Steve joined forces with former Small Faces bandmate Ronnie Lane to form Lane Marriot. The duo

The influence of Humble Pie on other artists

If you’re a fan of British rock music, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the band Humble Pie. Formed in 1969, the group was led by Steve Marriott, who was previously the lead singer and guitarist for The Small Faces. Humble Pie is considered to be one of the first supergroups, as they were made up of members from different successful bands.

The band’s name comes from a saying that Marriott heard as a child. His mother would often tell him ‘you’ll have to eat humble pie’ when he did something wrong. The phrase stuck with him and he decided to name his new band after it.

Humble Pie’s unique blend of hard rock, blues, and soul quickly gained them a following. They released their self-titled debut album in 1969, which reached number four on the UK charts. The album featured the hit single ‘Thirty Days in the Hole’, which was later covered by Guns N’ Roses.

The band continued to release successful albums throughout the 1970s, including Smokin’, Eat It, Rock On, and Street Rats. They also toured extensively, both in the UK and the US. Unfortunately, creative differences between Marriott and the other members

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