Skadi, also known as Skathi, is a goddess from Norse mythology. She is associated with winter, hunting, skiing, and mountains. Skadi is the daughter of the giant Thiazi, and she was married to the god Njord. However, their marriage ended in a divorce, and Skadi eventually married Odin.

One of the most well-known myths involving Skadi is the story of how she chose her second husband. According to the myth, after her divorce from Njord, Skadi was looking for a new husband. She decided to choose her next husband by looking at the feet of potential suitors. She chose the pair of feet that she found to be the most attractive, believing that they belonged to Balder, the handsome god of light.

However, when Skadi saw the face of the owner of the feet, she realized that they belonged to the god of mischief, Loki. Despite this, Skadi was bound by her oath to marry him. The marriage was unhappy, and they eventually separated.

Skadi is often depicted as a fierce and independent goddess. She is often shown wearing hunting clothes and carrying a bow and arrows. In artwork, she is frequently depicted standing on skis or snowshoes, and surrounded by mountains and snow.

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