My Poem For This Picture

In the dead of night, she walks with grace,
A Dark Vampire, with a seductive face,
Her beauty enchanting, her presence a lace,
A creature of darkness, with a dangerous embrace.

Her eyes hold a fire, of a thousand suns,
A red so deep, it could burn anyone,
Her lips so inviting, her fangs on display,
As she seduces her victims, in a deadly way.

Her beauty a trap, for the unwary heart,
A creature of the night, with a deadly art,
She preys on the living, with a dangerous start,
And drinks their blood, to satisfy her dark part.

But even in the darkness, her beauty shines,
A creature of allure, with a deadly line,
Her seductive gaze, a powerful vine,
As she claims her victims, in a deadly twine.

Beware the Dark Vampire, with beauty so rare,
A creature of darkness, with a deadly flair,
A seductive woman, with a dangerous stare,
A being of beauty, and a master of the rare.

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Author: Boyd