Led Zeppelin

The Mighty Led Zeppelin: The Unstoppable Force In Rock And Roll

Led Zeppelin is a British rock band that formed in London in 1968. The band, which consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham, is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential rock bands in the history of music. Led Zeppelin's music blended elements of rock, blues, folk, and world music, and their songs, including " Stairway to Heaven," " Whole Lotta Love," and " Black Dog," became staples of classic rock radio and are still popular today. Led Zeppelin's live performances were legendary, and the band has sold more than 300 million records worldwide, making them one of the best selling music artists of all time. Despite the untimely death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, Led Zeppelin's music continues to be celebrated and admired by fans and musicians around the world.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee Going To California

Going To California ( Led Zeppelin) Spent my days with a woman unkind Smoked my stuff and drank all my wine Made up my mind to make a new start Going to California with an aching in my heart Someone told me there’s a girl out there With love in her eyes and […]

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of vocalist  Robert Plant, guitarist  Jimmy Page, bassist/keyboardist  John Paul Jones, and drummer  John Bonham. With their heavy, guitar driven sound, they are regularly cited as one of the progenitors of heavy metal, although their style drew from a variety of influences, including blues and folk music. Gallery Stairway […]

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