Hailing from Finland, the band Nightwish has been active since 1996. Their music blends symphonic metal with classical music and they are one of the few heavy metal bands to have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Nightwish Band

History of Nightwish

Nightwish is a Finnish metal band that was formed in 1996. The band has released eight studio albums, one live album, and one compilation album. Nightwish’s music is a mix of metal and symphonic elements. The band has been praised for their use of orchestra in their music. Nightwish has sold over eight million albums worldwide.

Lineup and Inspiration

With a lineup that includes singer Floor Jansen, guitarists Emppu Vuorinen and Tuomas Holopainen, bassist and vocalist Marco Hietala, and drummer Jukka Nevalainen, Nightwish is a metal band that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The band’s music is heavily influenced by Finnish folklore and mythology, as well as by the works of authors like J.R.R. Tolkien. In fact, many of the band’s songs are based on stories from Finnish mythology, such as “The Islander”, which is based on the story of the same name from the Kalevala.

The band’s musical style has evolved over the years, but has always maintained a heavy metal sound with elements of symphonic and power metal. Nightwish is known for their powerful and emotional live performances, which often include pyrotechnics, lasers, and other special effects.

If you’re a fan of metal music or if you’re looking for something new to check out, then you should definitely give Nightwish a listen!

Pros and Cons

Whether you love them or hate them, Nightwish is a metal band that you cannot ignore. Hailing from Finland, the group has been around since 1996 and has released eight studio albums, the most recent being 2015’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful. They are also one of the most successful Finnish bands of all time, selling over 8 million records worldwide.

So why haven’t you heard of them? Well, that’s a complicated question. Nightwish is a symphonic metal band, meaning their music incorporates elements of classical music and opera. This can be a turn-off for some metal fans who prefer their music to be more straightforward. Additionally, the band’s lyrics are often fantasy-based and deal with topics like mythology and folklore, which again might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

That said, there is a lot to love about Nightwish if you’re open to giving them a chance. Their music is incredibly epic and grandiose, and they are masterful storytellers. If you’re looking for something different in your metal music, then Nightwish is definitely worth checking out.

Some Songs

If you’re a fan of metal music, then you’ve probably heard of Nightwish. They’re a Finnish metal band that’s been around since 1996. Despite their long career, they’ve managed to stay relatively unknown in the United States. However, they’re considered one of the greatest metal bands of all time by many fans.

Nightwish has released eight studio albums, all of which are excellent. However, if you’re new to the band, then you might not know where to start. Here are five of the best Nightwish songs:

1) “Wish I Had an Angel”
2) ” Nemo”
3) “I Want My Tears Back”
4) “Storytime”
5) “The Greatest Show on Earth”

These are just a few of the great songs that Nightwish has to offer. If you’re looking for some truly mind-blowing metal music, then you need to check out this band.


If you’re a fan of metal music, then you need to check out Nightwish. This Finnish band is one of the greatest in the genre, and they have a sound that is truly unique. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, then I highly recommend giving Nightwish a try — you won’t be disappointed.

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