Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon Bloodletter

Bloodletter [gtranslate] You never see him out in the sunlight He’s waiting for the shadows to fall Moving under cover of darkness Searching for a victim to maul Lock up your doors so tightly Keep all your windows shut‘ Cause on this night the blood will flow Flow before the dawn In the night wrap up tight Vampire strikes Bloodletter Roaming […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon The Preacher

The Preacher [gtranslate] Would you let this stranger take your hand Do you think he sees the promised land Holy fire, holy water Anoint the faithful break the sacred bread Will the message get inside your head Let the Preacher take your hand Come and stand among the chosen few, oh, oh, oh Let the Preacher lay […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon Ministry Of Fools

Ministry Of Fools [gtranslate] Your talking on the T V every single day Making stupid gestures nothing much to say Deny responsibility find someone to blame When it comes right down to it You’re all the fucking same We’re not listening, listening to you We’re not listening, don’t tell me what to do We’re not listening, listening to you We’re […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line [gtranslate] You’d better sleep with your rifle Keep your powder dry You’ll be fighting for your country See the colours fly They’ll be coming in the morning boys You gotta hold the line You’re the men from Harloch You’ll be standing proud You’re the Queen’s light infantry Sing out loud They’ll be coming in the morning boys You […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon Circle Of Light

Circle of Light [gtranslate] You’re far outside your body now Looking down you see yourself below Standing on the precipice You could be leaving soon The life you know Waiting for your guardian To take you up towards the astro plane Follow me walking to the circle of light Follow me this could be the end of your life Follow […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity [gtranslate] Get your kicks in the edge of the sky Twenty miles up from the borderline Feel the rush as your body drops through the air Take a step right into space Take the blast right in your face Ya tumbling down, down towards the ground Time has come, paid your dues Take a chance, light […]

Saxon Unleash the Beast Album

Saxon Unleash The Beast

Unleash the Beast [gtranslate] Danger inside deep in your mind Beware of the Beast that’s within you In towers of stone he walks alone Close to the edge of your dreams Shrouded in time the end of your line The curse of the past walks among you In temples of gold the myth will unfold Your destiny waits […]

W.A.S.P. Dying for the World

W.A.S.P. Dying For The World – Shadow Man

W. A. S. P. Shadow Man [gtranslate] Asleep in black There’s no light in the crack The crooked fingers for you No don’t ya dare say a prayer It’s just the nights in your mare Oh the long forever you’ll do No mercy – no coming back No mercy – forever fade to black Oh where’s the god that made you Oh […]

W.A.S.P. Babylon Album

W.A.S.P. Babylon Album Playlist

Babylon is the fourteenth studio album by American heavy metal band  W. A. S. P., released on November 9, 2009. The album was inspired by biblical visions of “ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.  The album contains covers of  Deep Purple’s “ Burn” (originally recorded for W. A. S. P’s previous album  Dominator, but not used for unknown reasons) and  Chuck Berry’s “ Promised Land”. All music and […]

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