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Music & Lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Produced by Marco Heubaum
Vocals recorded and co-produced by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Studios
Orchestral arrangements and sound design by Lukas Knoebl
Choir performed by Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir
Mixed & Mastered by Jacob Hansen

Video by AVA Studios, concept and story by Ambre Vourvahis.

Dear Xandria fans,

Xandria is finally reborn.

It has been quite a journey so far, and a new journey is about to begin right now.

There will be a lot to come still, and “Reborn” is just the first sign of life for all of you amazing fans out there. Thank you so much for your patience and support, in this time needed to be coming back to life! We cannot even begin to tell you how much we appreciate the warm welcoming words of many of you in the last days! Thank you all! We truly hope you will be enjoying this new song!

It tells you about the time when you feel that something very precious in your life, the passion that you give all your heart into, is about to die – and that you need all your strength for going through a hard time in which you have to painfully sacrifice and leave behind things, to let it be reborn.

There definitely was a lot of passion and heart going into this song, too.

“Reborn” also introduces our new singer Ambre Vourvahis, who for us is the perfect match for the new Xandria you are going to experience! You will hear something more about her very soon! In this song you can hear already a few of her diverse voice facettes, but she will show you quite some more still, so be prepared for some surprises…

As you can see there are also a few other new faces.
Their names are: Dimitrios Gatsios (drums), Tim Schwarz (bass) and Rob Klawonn (guitar).
You will soon learn more about these both great people and musicians, too!

Our former members went on to new musical endevours, and we wish all of them the best for the future, in gratefulness and respect for the times we shared and everything that they have done for Xandria.

We want to share a statement of the long time members Philip, Gerit and Marco with you all:

“After a long journey together, during which we were sharing great experiences, but as well have developed in different directions, we have decided that it is time for each of us to go our own way. We would like to thank the fans for the many wonderful memories, and wish each other all the best for the future. See all of you soon out there with our new or old projects. The music will be connecting us all still!

Philip, Gerit and Marco”

Check out Gerit´s new band @Catalyst Crime and Steven in @Orden Ogan
Also you can follow Philip and Gerit in their new band

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Author: Rosario