Taken from the album “Black and Gold “, out August 19, 2022.
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Thundermother – Loud And Free (2022) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

“Loud and free” – this perfectly describes the sound of the Swedish hard rock band
THUNDERMOTHER. Honest rock made for the stadiums of this world! The single
describes the importance of believing and trusting in yourself and your strengths. “Loud
and free” will be featured on the new album “Black and Gold”, which will firmly anchor
the band in the rock scene.

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Music & lyrics by: Emlee Johansson, Filippa Nässil, Guernica Mancini, Søren Andersen
Produced by: Søren Andersen
Mixed by: Søren Andersen
Mastered by: Søren Andersen
Video: Gustaf Sandholm Andersson of Rawfoto
Edit: Kristian H Reuter of www.ReuterMP.com

Life can be rough
but I’m shaking it off
Pull yourself up now
‘Cus next stop’s the top

The crowd’s going crazy
Sugar I’m high
Fire and lightning
We’re the cream of the crop

G-Get up, cus you wanted the best
We’re a little bit better,
We’re the best of the best

We live loud and free
We are, we are the wanted
We will not be forgotten

We’ll take you for a ride
Stirring it up
We’re not lazy
Climb to the top

Bottles are rolling
Gin in red cup
Party is starting
Common drink it up

Lazy placeholder THUNDERMOTHER 8211 Loud And Free 2022 Official Music Video AFM Records

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Lazy placeholder THUNDERMOTHER 8211 Loud And Free 2022 Official Music Video AFM Records
Author: Kadu